The Last
Texas Big Shot

When The Only Recourse is The Last Resort
a Controversial New Book

by Tom Talley & Louis Buck

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Fantastic Action Adventure 
Spy stuff.

This thrilling spy novel takes you around the globe while riding today's headlines.  Missiles from North Korea, spies from China, Texan's working in the international oil business and the CIA...what could possibly go wrong?   

Reader Comments:

"Fast paced, keeps your attention. Interesting story. Very timely subject matter that includes political and military issues to make a tense situation for the reader." ...

"I really enjoyed this book. It was fast paced and hooked me from the very beginning. I especially liked the fact that it included recent events which made it something I could relate to. The characters and story line are well developed and very detailed allowing you to get caught up in the moment. The surprise ending left me wanting more! I highly recommend this read and look forward to the next installment." ...

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